Counselling Children, Teenagers & Young Adults

I provide counselling to children, teenagers and young adults with over 2 years of experience of being a school-based counsellor, helping them through difficulties to ensure they lead positive and fulfilling lives. I understand that, at times, young people can be faced with multiple stressors. Therefore, through my service, I aspire to support young individuals by working with their issues to bring more of an understanding. I also help build and maintain relationships and help find solutions as to how they can gain an understanding of their thoughts and emotions. I can implement creative ways of working into the sessions to help with the counselling process if that suits the young person. I believe all young people have the right to feel heard, they have the right to autonomy and respect just like adults do. I am fully qualified and have extensive experience in my field, so you can rest assured that I provide a professional and non-judgemental approach, always keeping client information confidential. Plus, if any safeguarding concerns are bought to my attention, they are handled appropriately and sensitively. Please do not hesitate to give me a call for further information.

Reasons To Consider Young Person Counselling

Just a few reasons why a young person may consider counselling include, though are not limited to:

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